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What is the legend behind amara & RawGanic?

Yesterday a customer asked me:

“Tell me what the legend is!”

Hmm, I started thinking about it… Last year was so hectic and dynamic, I realized I did not take the time to take stock of what’s going on. So I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning on Saturday and kept thinking about the matter.

What is actually the legend behind a product? Does it mean that if a product has a legend, it is legendary? I tried to draw a parallel between legends behind other products and ours. Over the last few months, I had the opportunity to meet and talk to really amazing people who have dedicated their lives to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. I am grateful for the opportunity. I have heard different stories about how their products and projects in the field of healthy lifestyle came to be. Many inspirational stories – stories of change. Sometimes this change occurred due to shocking circumstances such as sickness, sometimes, as a result of a firm decision to follow their dreams.

Life balance

In our case, it was the second one. I dreamed of delicious sweet bites, which would be healthy at the same time, something to eat with pleasure and without guilty conscience. My dream had existed for perhaps three or four years. I had often told my husband that we had to implement this project, but what was I expecting, someone else to come and start doing it? I thought I had a brilliant idea and that was enough.

In the summer of 2015, sometime in June, we were travelling with our partners Maria and Ivaylo to the town of Nikolaevo. We had just successfully completed a joint project there. On the way, dizzy from the bends of the Balkan Mountains, our common success and the beautiful views around us, we started dreaming about something new, something even bigger and more successful.

Balkan mountain

Among the many ideas we discussed, I put forward mine, and it seemed that something  clicked into place. It turned out we were all on the same wavelength. This wave wrapped us, engulfed us and then we were all captivated by it. Each of us had embraced a healthy lifestyle and knew how hard it was to find an alternative to standard chocolate desserts, for example. We said, why don’t we be the ones who create the alternative.

The four of us – Maria, Svetlana, Ivaylo and Ivan – complement each other in an incredible way and we are the best team I can imagine. We prove it every day. If even one of us were missing, the amara & RawGanic project would not be the same.

Team amara & Rawganic
Perhaps this is our legend – the people and their endless energy, dedication, faith, tireless efforts.

We could not even imagine the amount of work we would have to do and still have to do. We initially thought that our products (which we had not even created) would be on the market within 3-4 months. In fact, it was more than a year before we were ready to take this step. About this first year of making amara & RawGanic, a year of working day and night, many hopes, moments of despair and moments of indescribable happiness, we’ll tell you next time.

If you think more people should learn about our work and our love for the products we create, please share. Thank you with all my heart!



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