Amara Bars

Get to know our 3 different moments of feminine raw bars,
wrapped in a seductive layer of raw chocolate.

Who is Amara?

Amara is a chocolate dessert composed from a sweet mix of dried fruits, nuts and cocoa butter, wrapped in alluring true vegan chocolate.

Amara was a long-lived dream about a real chocolate dessert in a playful and waggish package. A chocolate dessert produced with selected raw and organic ingredients one can enjoy without a guilty conscience. From the initial idea to the start of production, Amara has undergone many metamorphoses as we wanted to gather all our love and dedication in this organic dessert. We wanted to surprise people and make them like it and appreciate it – not only those who generally eat healthy, but also those who still consider healthy being bland or boring. So get this Amara, it’s playful, healthy and mouth-watering delicious.

Why the name Amara?

We fell for the name Amara for its rich meaning blending love and rebellion in a bitter-sweet combination. You can taste this exciting combination in every bite of our dessert. Love because Amara is born out of love and inspiration. Rebellion expressed through her perky playful style provoking curiosity. And bitter-sweet – you can taste it in the real dark chocolate wrapping our healthy dessert.

What are the ingredients of Amara?

As for us this is the most important ingredient, we started with the love and emotions we invested in Amara. The rest is a number of carefully selected organic raw ingredients:

  • Mainly local dried fruits – we use cherries, white mulberries, rose-hips, some dates.
  • Nuts – mainly local organic hazelnuts
  • Cacao butter – responsible for the seductive, melt-in-your-mouth, silky feel
  • Vanilla pod
  • Real vegan bean-to-bar Fairtrade certified chocolate, preserving the flavours and all beneficial ingredients of the organic cacao beans.