We like the process of developing
something real good.

About Us

We are a Bulgarian company that combines the love of its creators to the delicious and healthy with the fertility of Bulgarian nature in handmade organic desserts.


In every recipe you will feel our passion for real food. We use only organic raw materials, mostly from local Bulgarian producers.


We mix the components with minimal processing, without any artificial additives, so each ingredient is recognizable, preserves its taste and all the energy that nature has given it.

We ensure the highest quality of raw materials by a minimalistic selection of ingredients.

Local suppliers,
sustainable partnerships

For each of the different tastes of our Rawganic- and Amara-series, we use organic fruits and nuts preferably from local, Bulgarian producers. Every single product consists of no more than 7 carefully chosen components, whereas overall we use about 10 ingredients for our production.
Our approach to work with a reduced number of raw materials enables each component of our desserts to fully unfold its taste. This also gives us the possibility to select our suppliers thorougly and develop long lasting business relationships with them, as well as to monitor the quality of the different ingredients precisely and continuously.