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About Rawganic Passion

Our brand name leaves no doubts that we have a passion for raw & organic food. However, we’re aware that it takes more than being ‘healthy’ to make food attractive. That’s how we came up with the plan to produce snacks that prove that ‘healthy‘ and ‘tasty‘ can be a very harmonic duet indeed.
We currently produce two different series of organic, vegan desserts from dried fruits and raw nuts – all of them carefully handmade with an understandable and transparent list of valuable ingredients and a big amount of dedication.

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The raw materials for our production are selected cautiously to make sure that they fullfill our high standards of quality and savouriness. You can be sure that we use excluseively ingredients from organic certified agriculture and whenever possible, we prefer products from local farmers in order to keep itineraries short and emissions low.

RawGanic Bar

Rawganic is our healthy snack for on-the-go that comes in four fruity tastes. Of course all of the ingredients are 100% organic and vegan and suitable for a gluten- and lactose-free diet. What you’ll find in our Rawganic bars are dried fruits, raw nuts, cacao butter and a good portion of love. What you surely won’t find in our desserts are added sugars, conservants or ingredients from genetically modified plants.

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Amara Bar

Additionally to being vegan and organic, Amara can brag about her sophisticated layer of velvet chocolate, gently processed by the bean-to-bar technology. Don’t worry, even though there’s chocolate to it, Amara also is 100% organic and vegan with a base of dried fruits and raw nuts. Discover this dessert’s three different characters and don’t be shy of falling in love.

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